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Clark's restaurant is located in the Historic Down Town district of Brooklyn.  Landmark requirement were met along with Consumer Affairs regulations for sidewalk cafe use.  This out of the way eatery is nestled in the heart of  Brooklyn Height. Which is a popular destination for the locals.

Carmine's pizzaria in Williamsburg Brooklyn is a well known New York destination.  Carmine's is a rapidly expanding eatery that represents New York Pizza and it's renowned Italian cuisine.  This location is expanding its size by doubling the floor area into the  adjoining building .  A large opening will provide a passage for pay trons to enjoy a cocktail at the New York Yankee's themed bar or dine in the main Yankee room.

Frank's pizzaria in Bay Ridge is the corner shop with everything Brooklyn.   Located on 13th Avenue in Bay Ridge this corner eatery provides outdoor seating, indoor dining and a slice of heaven.  The shops open floor plan allows for an outdoor feel which is naturally lite by extensive retractable glazing. 

Tomahawk Tower in Williamsburg Brooklyn, got its name from it's shape in plan which resembles a Native American tomahawk. The tower is comprised of 10 stories and 46 dwellings perched atop a two story commercial / community facility base.  The site represented many design challenges by the nature of the lots shape the "T" shaped tomahawk.  The final design yielded a 50,170 square foot mixed use building.  This building is visible via Brooklyn Queens Expressway in sharp contras to the surrounding skyline.

Palazzo of Bay Ridge Parkway is a mixed use building with 6 luxury dwellings atop a community facility base.  All the apartments boast extensive terraces, roof top spaces and balconies that complement the large apartments.     
Single family dwellings  in Whitestone, NY feature large homes with a pronounced entrance intricate masonry work throughout and unique landscaping.
Willamsburg Charter School is a 116,000square foot state of the art learning facility.  This 8 story, 212 foot street front building is comprised of vast interior spaces that provide  students with a learning environment unmatched by other facilities.  All the classrooms are naturally well lite and arranged on a double loaded corridor.

Red Hook Labs is a design and research facility for innovate art solutions.  The lab houses art studios, photography studios, glass  and plastics fabrication, offices and exhibition spaces.  With a caretakers apartment.


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